Getting There

Defender 90 TD5



My fishing wagon is a Land Rover Defender 90.  It’s also the dog wagon, ‘out and about’ in the country wagon and occasional camping wagon.  You might think that it matters not what you drive to go fishing and of course it doesn’t.  To me though, throwing the gear in the back of the Defender and listening to that unique TD5 engine as I pull away is part of the experience and it gets me in the zone!


You see when I go fly fishing there is definitely an element of escaping.  I’m getting away from the comforts of home or the office to spend time in the big outdoors and there’s nothing like a Defender to evoke the outdoor spirit. It’s not refined, it’s not comfortable.  It’s slow, it’s unpredictable and above all it’s how I like to go fishing.

To some I’m barking mad and it’s not easy to sell the merits of driving an engine with a tin can on top. Reason doesn’t come into it.  If you have to ask why – you’re not going to get it.  Perhaps the Defender is the ultimate marmite vehicle and I’ve always loved marmite.

Mr Notherone