My name is Jon (Mr Notherone) and my fishing story is not remarkable or unusual. I’ve fished since I was a young boy and some of my earliest and best memories are recalled through fishing, one way or another.


The River Usk

In the early years it was course fishing only and I would constantly pester my parents (neither were interested) to take me somewhere to fish. Then when old enough I’d walk to the local canal or day ticket lake. Sometimes I’d strap my kit to my bike and pedal through the darkness before dawn. Often I’d be tackling up by torch light.

I was quietly obsessed. I would rearrange my floats for hours and I can even remember setting up all my tackle at home as if by the bank so I could practice and rehearse where everything was.

I would read “Mr Crabtree” until I could recite each page and then a book by Peter Stone became my fishing bible. Tench were my favourite quarry.

I grew up and fishing became a sporadic pastime, as a career and then a family filled the space.

I am some years from retiring and so must take advantage and relish every stolen opportunity. I am a member of a couple of clubs (GFFC and GAS) which have access to a prime waters around Monmouthshire including the Monnow and Usk. I also take advantage of the excellent passport system provided by the Wye and Usk Foundation.

As a boy I favoured still water float fishing, but now I’m never happier than picking my way up a hill stream stalking little brown trout or trying to stay upright in the middle of the Usk.

In recent years I have ventured further afield, fly fishing for grayling in the colder months – a different and similar challenge. I prefer C&R and choose to return every fish I catch. If I fancy trout for dinner, I catch a farmed rainbow from a local fishery or visit the supermarket.

This blog is my personal fly fishing diary, if not always complete. I’m an experienced angler, but find that each time I go fly fishing I learn something new. I have no specific plan for this journal, other than it will add to my overall enjoyment and perhaps be of some interest to others.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mr Notherone.